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How to make "millet juice" Healthy drinks

How to make “millet juice” Healthy drinks

During this time, drinking millet juice to lose weight. Because only one glass can be full for a long time It’s useful, it’s easy to make. Ladies, let’s see how to make millet juice quickly.The trend of drinking millet juice for health is on the rise. Especially drinking

Homemade "Gnocchi with chewy purple potato

Homemade “Gnocchi with chewy purple potato

The weather is not good or not. Because the Gnocchi cook and eat, at any time it’s delicious. Italian recipes The special thing is that it has a beautiful purple sweet potato with pesto sauce. Finally, sprinkle with cheese to add the ruffiness. Anyone have leftover purple potatoes , should you come here to

"Korean Strawberry Milk", sweet and cool

“Korean Strawberry Milk”, sweet and cool

Who knew that fresh milk mixed with strawberries? Will become a delicious drink we offers you how to make fresh strawberry milk. Or Strawberry Milk Formula, start with making strawberry sauce and pouring fresh milk into it. Add the texture of the strawberry as well. And shake before drinking Store for about 3 days in

"Chocolate Orange Brownie Tar", Home made

“Chocolate Orange Brownie Tar”, Home made

Chocolate Orange Brownie Tart, it  is a delicious cake that can be easily made, just with the ingredients we have provided for you below. And you can eat the cake together with your family. This cake is perfect for families who are looking for a dessert

"Chicken rice" with dipping sauce recipe

“Chicken rice” with dipping sauce recipe

Today we have a simple way to make chicken rice, just one recipe will help you make your own chicken rice at home through a simple process. Which is attached with how to cook a delicious chicken rice sauce Plus many more tips for making chicken rice. If

3 recipes for non-alcoholic "mocktails" that can be fun

3 Recipes for non-alcoholic “mocktails” that can be fun

In this article, we have a quick mocktail. To serve it to anyone who wants a refreshing refreshment with non-alcoholic drinks. Can drink to quench thirst perfect for New Years Eve or a family gathering. Make sure to read our great articles like 3 easy cocktail recipes. For party to make your

Egg Tarts, Popular Dessert

Egg Tarts, Popular Dessert

Egg tarts, delicious dessert  recipes will make anyone who would be captivated. The egg tart comes with a crispy egg tart and a soft, sweet egg tart. If your weight will gain, you will have to accept it. Anyone who wants to try making easy homemade egg tarts at home, today we

"Mango Cheesecake", recipes Make a New Year's gift

“Mango Cheesecake”, recipes Make a New Year’s gift

Mango Cheesecake you can cut and divide many pieces as well, right? The base is made of crackers. The mango cream cheese is sweet and sour. Add food coloring to add beauty. Cheesecake base ingredients 90 g crackers 50 grams of melted butter Mango Cream Cheese Ingredients Gelatin

"Lemon Cream Meringue", Keto Dessert Without Sugar

“Lemon Cream Meringue”, Keto Dessert Without Sugar

Lemon Cream Meringue As you know, meringues contain sugar. It might not be suitable for keto, but for this meringue without sugar. We presents you how to make lemon meringue cream recipe. The dessert itself uses a sweetener instead of sugar and comes with a lemon sauce. The meringue is original from France. Is