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"Chocolate Orange Brownie Tar", Home made

“Chocolate Orange Brownie Tar”, Home made

Chocolate Orange Brownie Tart, it  is a delicious cake that can be easily made, just with the ingredients we have provided for you below. And you can eat the cake together with your family. This cake is perfect for families who are looking for a dessert

Egg Tarts, Popular Dessert

Egg Tarts, Popular Dessert

Egg tarts, delicious dessert  recipes will make anyone who would be captivated. The egg tart comes with a crispy egg tart and a soft, sweet egg tart. If your weight will gain, you will have to accept it. Anyone who wants to try making easy homemade egg tarts at home, today we

"Mango Cheesecake", recipes Make a New Year's gift

“Mango Cheesecake”, recipes Make a New Year’s gift

Mango Cheesecake you can cut and divide many pieces as well, right? The base is made of crackers. The mango cream cheese is sweet and sour. Add food coloring to add beauty. Cheesecake base ingredients 90 g crackers 50 grams of melted butter Mango Cream Cheese Ingredients Gelatin

"Lemon Cream Meringue", Keto Dessert Without Sugar

“Lemon Cream Meringue”, Keto Dessert Without Sugar

Lemon Cream Meringue As you know, meringues contain sugar. It might not be suitable for keto, but for this meringue without sugar. We presents you how to make lemon meringue cream recipe. The dessert itself uses a sweetener instead of sugar and comes with a lemon sauce. The meringue is original from France. Is


Desserts in The Café, “Raspberry Pancakes”

Raspberry Pancakes the health trend is strong, adding a little more options is good Here is a raspberry pancakes. Use whole wheat flour to make pancakes. Raspberries Beauty Enhance Raspberry. Weekend breakfasts are a big deal around our house. We don’t get too crazy or complicated. But

Desserts in The Café, "Mango Honey Toast"

Desserts in The Café, “Mango Honey Toast”

In addition to selling food and drink, the café is also a sweets, which is a profitable one in front of other products. It’s worth it if you make it worth it. offers you how to make a dessert menu in the café. Choose from Mango

"Sourdough Bread" Homemade Recipe

“Sourdough Bread” Homemade Recipe

Sourdough Bread Homemade Recipe for classic sourdough bread which is a winner every time I bake it; and, it can be proved overnight in a cool place for early morning baking. ingredient 4 cups bread flour 1.5 cups of bread flour (for use when kneading