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How to make "Espresso Jelly Eden Milk"

How to make “Espresso Jelly Eden Milk”

Espresso Jelly Eden Milk we would like to bring coffee lovers to try a new coffee flavor. That changed from the same old Espresso to look more exciting! Get the ingredients and tools ready and make this easy Espresso Jelly Eden Milk you can make

How to make "Dalgona Cocoa", a popular drink menu

How to make “Dalgona Cocoa”, a popular drink menu

Dalgona Cocoa, because being at home for a long time is the reason, we have time to create dishes. That have never been made before. Today I will bring all my friends to make a drink menu adapted from Dalgona Coffee. Popular coffee menu from

The 10 Best Milk Frothers for Making DIY Café-Style Coffee

The 10 Best Milk Frothers for Making DIY Café-Style Coffee

What does a milk frother do? Well, exactly what is says it does. It Milk Frothers, adding air to hot or cold liquid (it works for non-dairy milks, too!) to turn the stuff into a light foam for lattes, cappuccinos, dalgona coffee, and hot chocolate. Read: Your milk

How to make "millet juice" Healthy drinks

How to make “millet juice” Healthy drinks

During this time, drinking millet juice to lose weight. Because only one glass can be full for a long time It’s useful, it’s easy to make. Ladies, let’s see how to make millet juice quickly.The trend of drinking millet juice for health is on the rise. Especially drinking

"Korean Strawberry Milk", sweet and cool

“Korean Strawberry Milk”, sweet and cool

Who knew that fresh milk mixed with strawberries? Will become a delicious drink we offers you how to make fresh strawberry milk. Or Strawberry Milk Formula, start with making strawberry sauce and pouring fresh milk into it. Add the texture of the strawberry as well. And shake before drinking Store for about 3 days in

3 recipes for non-alcoholic "mocktails" that can be fun

3 Recipes for non-alcoholic “mocktails” that can be fun

In this article, we have a quick mocktail. To serve it to anyone who wants a refreshing refreshment with non-alcoholic drinks. Can drink to quench thirst perfect for New Years Eve or a family gathering. Make sure to read our great articles like 3 easy cocktail recipes. For party to make your

3"Healthy Vegetable Juice" Recipes, Beautiful Skin

3″Healthy Vegetable Juice” Recipes, Beautiful Skin

Tired work all week On holidays, let’s nourish the body together. Healthy vegetable juice menu  smoothies made easy, good smell . Good value Drinking and beautiful skin, good life.  On holidays, let’s clear the rest of the vegetables from the refrigerator. We offers 3 healthy vegetable juice recipes there are orange juice,

"Soy Milk" - How to Make Soy Milk?

“Soy Milk” – How to Make Soy Milk?

Soy Milk, one of the top drinks menu that is easy to find, is tofu juice cold like this but want to keep healthy as well. Try to make a recipe from Soybean. This menu, in addition to soybeans, peanuts and almonds are added to add a nice

"Healthy Drink", Excellent Disease Prevention!

“Healthy Drink”, Excellent Disease Prevention!

healthy drinks good health results in good health and can help keep the body away from various diseases as well. There are also a variety of healthy drinks. That can help prevent the occurrence of disease I want to know each other, right? What are the preventive drinks or healthy drinks? Let’s go

How To Make "Dalgona Coffee", The Trending Korean Drink

How To Make “Dalgona Coffee”, The Trending Korean Drink

Dalgona Coffee tastes like a latte, soft and mellow. Which is a coffee menu with coffee foam on top of fresh milk Invented by Korea, adapted from Dalgona made from sugar and baking zota . The ingredients used are ingredients that every home must have in the cabinet already in the cabinet, such as