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Homemade "Gnocchi with chewy purple potato

Homemade “Gnocchi with chewy purple potato

The weather is not good or not. Because the Gnocchi cook and eat, at any time it’s delicious. Italian recipes The special thing is that it has a beautiful purple sweet potato with pesto sauce. Finally, sprinkle with cheese to add the ruffiness. Anyone have leftover purple potatoes , should you come here to

"Chicken rice" with dipping sauce recipe

“Chicken rice” with dipping sauce recipe

Today we have a simple way to make chicken rice, just one recipe will help you make your own chicken rice at home through a simple process. Which is attached with how to cook a delicious chicken rice sauce Plus many more tips for making chicken rice. If

How to make "Spring Rolls, Shrimp Larb", Crispy Fried with Microwave

How to make “Spring Rolls, Shrimp Larb”, Crispy Fried with Microwave

Let’s make fried food without requiring a drop of oil on the menu. “Larb Shrimp Spring Rolls” tasty, crispy. Just have a microwave.”Larb Kung Spring Rolls”, Oven with Aircook Frying System that replaces the pan. Ingredients Spring Rolls, Shrimp Larb Shrimp 300 grams   12-15 sheets

"Namnueng", Delicious Set Of Vietnamese Recipes

“Namnueng”, Delicious Set Of Vietnamese Recipes

Arrange a large set with a menu of Nham Nueng , Vietnamese food, rich ingredients, fragrant roasted pork wrapped in spring roll with fresh vegetables. Topped with sweet dipping sauce. Okay… invite friends to come around for deliciousness. Who likes to eat Vietnamese food? Same Especially the Namnueng menu Do you want to come

How to make "Pizza Omelette" with Minced Pork"

How to make “Pizza Omelette” with Minced Pork”

Pizza Omelette with Minced Pork a great recipe for eggs. Today we have a great pizza recipe, easy to make, find ingredients from the refrigerator at home with the menu “Pizza Omelette with Minced Pork” where we mix eggs with minced pork. And other ingredients,

Ikea Meatball" - Easy Recipe Meatball at home

“Ikea Meatball” – Easy Recipe Meatball at home

It looks like an epidemic of COVID-19 Will create new trends for brands And companies around the world that have to adapt to the situation. Especially the hotel And restaurants that give away their famous menu meatball recipes for customers to cook at home during this period Recently, IKEA

Thai Spicy Beef Curry

“Thai Spicy Beef Curry” Beef stew”, soft, chewy, delicious.

Thai Spicy Beef Curry, a central Thai food menu, spicy taste Another menu of authentic. Thai coconut milk curry that is worth trying. Fill the delicious with Thai eggplant and eggplant. Plus the meat is stale, big words, almost melting in the mouth as well scoop rice or rice noodles and wait. Thai Spicy Beef