crispy noodle, delicious dishes, easy to make, tight and not monotonous

How framed, challenge you to try! Crispy noodle menu, catch the soft noodles to fry or bake until crispy. Fill all the items Delicious, delightful, beyond irresistible.

crispy noodles, delicious dishes, easy to make, tight and not monotonous

As we are accustomed to, the noodle menu is only soft, whether it is a small noodle menu, a large noodle menu, or a noodle menu. Let’s try changing from softness to crispness. Can you fix boredom? offers a method for making crispy noodles. Single dish food, easy to make, such as crispy noodles, topped with crispy noodles, every dish is packed full of words. Crisp for a long time, no rancid smell.

1. Rad Noodles Crispy Noodles

     Big noodle noodle must make way for this crispy noodle noodle recipe from Kitty Chef, member. Catch the noodles and fry them until crispy. Pour the topping over Contains both marinated pork and home-made vegetables. Satisfied with.

2. Crispy Noodles with Marinated Pork Noodles

     If you want to eat a simple topping menu, crispy noodles, just having kale and marinated pork is delicious, then a recipe from Khun Noen Nam, a home food at Ban Nurn Nam, first add a bit of pepper. Comes with a method of making fried bean paste. To be used for seasoning next time.

3. Crispy Mee Krob

Recipe from Khun BlackPiano, a member of website. With Crispy Tofu, Stir Fried Shrimp and Crispy Shredded Egg Side with bean sprouts and chives Taste pretty much told me.

You don’t have to wait for the vegetarian festival, you can make delicious fried noodles with J-IX. Add fried tofu with agricultural protein Stir Fried with Vegetarian Tomato Sauce and Soybean Paste Add a scent that invites hunger If you can’t eat all of it, keep it in a closed container for later eating.