Daifuku Chocolate Lava Delicious Japanese sweets

Really greasy filling, delicious to eat for Daifuku Chocolate Lava. Japanese sweets Soft chewy dough with rich sweet filling, delicious to cook and sell.

Anyone who likes to eat Japanese-style sweets , especially Daifuku. Although there is a sale, but the child is a little small If you want to eat to your heart’s content, come try making it yourself. A dot com jar presents you how to make Daifuku Chocolate Lava. Comes with the method of making Daifuku ufabet dough. Flour And chocolate lava filling If you were to eat the end of Japanese food, it would be awesome.

Daifuku Chocolate Lava Delicious Japanese sweets

Today my aunt made “Daifuku Chocolate Lava Dessert” and said that the dough is soft and sticky and delicious.
The chocolate filling is also very delicious, it goes well with the daifuku dough by the kitchen Aunt Mariah.

Daifuku ingredients

  • 70 grams of glutinous rice flour
  • 50 grams of rice flour
  • 15 grams of tapioca flour (if you don’t have rice flour, you can replace it)
  • 90 grams of sugar
  • 225 ml water
  • Cocoa powder for dressing

Chocolate lava filling ingredients

  • Dark chocolate 150 g
  • 70 ml milk
  • 15 g butter

Flour ingredients

  • 50 grams of glutinous rice flour

How to make flour

      ◇ flour and stir over low heat for about 5 minutes until dough is light yellow.