Crispy pork chashu, oil-free fried pot menu

Secretly enamored with Chashu Crispy PorkThai food. When I want to make it myself. But I’m afraid of oil splashing and it’s very wasteful. If you try this recipe, you don’t need any oil at all. presents how to make chashu crispy pork. Shortcut recipe. No need to boil. No need to be in the sun, no need to poke. Come with a secret to apply vinegar to add crispness. Bring it to Japanese food or eat it with noodles. It’s delicious.

Chashu Crispy Pork Fryer without Oil The shortest recipe, not boiled, not dried, not dipped, baked in 1 hour
by Umim is Happy : Um-Im

          Chashu crispy pork, fried pot, crispy pork, chill, not boiled, not dried, not dipped, delicious quickly. It only takes 1 hour to bake, no need to wait overnight. Shortcuts to reduce the steps, this recipe almost does not need to do anything at all. But what I get is crispy pork, very fluffy. It’s very easy to eat with Korean instant noodles. It’s very delicious.

Ingredients for Chashu Crispy Pork Belly

  • streaky pork
  • salt
  • vinegar

How to make crispy pork chashu

-Select pork belly pork belly plate made pretty good suit made out of pork meat should have ratio: 50:50 fat.

-First, cut off the excess fat and connective tissue here.

-The chevron pork to table this. Slits don’t have to be deep. To make the pork easy to cook and easy to roll.

-The salt over the meat and the skin. Apply it to the groove of the pork as well. The taste will be well distributed.

-frozen vinegar Vinegar will help the pork skins become crispy. We turn the pork upside down and soak the skin side. Let the leather sink in vinegar. You can put a lot of it. Don’t be afraid of being sour. Soak for 15-20 minutes.

– rolls with pork and tied a rope to it. tie to fit the pig Do not tie too tightly. The cooked pork will puff up again. 

-rope rope used should be natural that I do not.

-placed in the fryer without any oil. This recipe is a shortcut recipe. Not boiled, not dried, not dipped. Suitable for chilling people. Easy to make and delicious. We will bake 3 rounds together. Use fire. 120 degrees Celsius for 40 minutes, we let the oil-free fryer run and watch the beautiful and chill series.

At the end of the pig, then it will be too dry

Let’s take a look. Straight cuts between the ropes don’t have to be deep

-The frame will surely vinegar around it. Apply directly to the groove that is cut.

-A second round out bottom first. This time, we will bake the pork until cook. Use 200 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes.

-A Round 3 took the top place. This time, we will bake the pork skin crispy using 200 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes.

-At the end of the time frame inflatable pig was pretty good and I like this very much.

-Let it cool first. Then unwrap the rope and cut. Because it will retain moisture in the pork. The meat will be juicy.

-classy, soft, juicy and crispy pork Junk on to me a lot.

-I come to Korea to eat delicious 10 10 10 I try to do it.