“Korean Strawberry Milk”, sweet and cool

Who knew that fresh milk mixed with strawberries? Will become a delicious drink we offers you how to make fresh strawberry milk. Or Strawberry Milk Formula, start with making strawberry sauce and pouring fresh milk into it. Add the texture of the strawberry as well. And shake before drinking Store for about 3 days in the refrigerator.

Picking strawberries grown with water from fish, Aquaponics system, bring this menu to leave your friends, sweet and cool, very easy to make. When cooking, taste as you like and can adjust the sugar itself. Because strawberries are not the same sweet and sour This menu is highly recommended that you can keep it for 3 days as it is fresh strawberries.


  • Strawberry 150 g
  • Granulated sugar (adjust to your taste) 150 g
  • 1000 ml fresh milk
  • Diced strawberries

How to Make Strawberry Milk

  • Twin strawberries that were grown by themselves compared to farm strawberries that were picked up. Cleaned Cut the terminals and cut them in half.
  • Put strawberries into the pot. Followed by sugar Flattened into water Take the resolution as you like Bring it to the middle fire. Simmer to a simmer after the syrup boils. Simmer for another minute and let it cool completely.
  • Let’s prepare strawberry dice pieces by cutting off the stem and cutting into small dice to go into the glass bottle. After the strawberry sauce has completely cooled. Poured into a glass bottle Followed by diced strawberries.
  • Add fresh milk Do not be very full Allow space to shake before drinking. Today, you can use 4 250 ml bottles and keep them in the refrigerator for 3 days. Can change to another fruit

Just saw it and it’s refreshing for this recipe strawberry milk. You can choose to use fresh, tasteless milk of any brand you like. If you don’t like sweet, you can reduce the sweetness. Okay… let’s have a glass together.