How to make “millet juice” Healthy drinks

During this time, drinking millet juice to lose weight. Because only one glass can be full for a long time It’s useful, it’s easy to make. Ladies, let’s see how to make millet juice quickly.

The trend of drinking millet juice for health is on the rise. Especially drinking millet juice to lose weight. That is so, probably because In millet is high in carbohydrates. Causing it to drink and feel full as if eating rice and most importantly Millet has 0% calories.

Today, a jar of dot com has a simple method to make millet juice for health lovers to try and drink. Which this formula of it is concentrated It tastes like you are drinking milk. Full stomach but low calories How to miss it Raw materials to be prepared The device is simple to use, do not believe it, try making your own


  •    100g dri millet
  •    cereal-base like white sesame seeds or black sesame, lotus seeds, and peanuts
  •    6 cups of water (add – reducing the desire concentration).
  •    Sugar (as you like)

How to do

     1. Soak the millet in water and leave for at least 1 night until the millet becomes softened. Drain the water.

     2. Put the millet, cereal and 3 cups of water in a blender and blend until the mixture is thoroughly combined into water. Then filtered only the prepared water (or if anyone likes a concentrated, no need to filter)

     3. Pour the filtered mixture and put it into the pot. Put it on low heat, add sugar. (As needed) Stir to mix until the sugar dissolves and then taste as desired. Wait until the mixture boils and turn off the heat. (Or bring it to a boil in a rice cooker as convenient), then set aside until cool, put it into a ready-to-drink glass,

If making this simple flat millet juice, then it’s comfortable. Lift the millet juice up and drink 1 glass a day. This event has some belly collapsed.