How to make “Dalgona Cocoa”, a popular drink menu

Dalgona Cocoa, because being at home for a long time is the reason, we have time to create dishes. That have never been made before. Today I will bring all my friends to make a drink menu adapted from Dalgona Coffee. Popular coffee menu from Korea. To please people who do not drink coffee like us, that menu is “Dalgona Cocoa” sure enough!. This is a drink menu that gives a rich cocoa flavor with a soft touch when drinking. I can tell you that it’s very easy to make. Even beginners who are new to the kitchen can do it all. For this menu, Pim asked my friends for only 10 minutes of time. You won’t be wrong! Everyone will be able to taste the menu. “Dalgona Cocoa” in just 10 minutes. Importantly, it does not require a lot of equipment to mess with. Have you said this to your friends at the same time? If ready, we go to experience the softness of “Dalgona Cocoa” at the same time!

Raw material

Dark cocoa powder, Tulip brand 4 tbsp. 
4 tablespoons of granulated sugar 
4 tbsp hot water 
300 ml whipping cream
300 ml fresh milk 

How to make

STEP 1 : Make cocoa.
Scoop dark cocoa powder, Tulip brand, granulated sugar and follow with hot water into a cup. People let everything dissolve together. set aside to cool.

STEP 2: Beat the cocoa cream.
Place the whipping cream in a mixing bowl. Followed by cocoa water that we set aside. Bring a whisk to beat the air bubbles until the cocoa cream is soft peaks.
TIP: If anyone has a hand mixer, they can use it as well.

STEP 3 : Serve
Pour fresh milk into a glass with ice. Then put the whipped cocoa cream on top. That ‘s it, our “Dalgona Cocoa” is ready to show off and give everyone freshness!
TIP : You can decorate with cocoa powder as you like.

You see? It only takes 10 minutes to get a trendy drink menu like “Dalgona Cocoa” Let’s have a drink. Looks very good, right? Cocoa cream is both smooth and rich. Plus this beautiful color because Pim chooses to use it. Dark Cocoa Powder Tulip Brand is 100% cocoa powder produced using quality strains from Africa that are said to be the best cocoa producers in the world. through a Dutch process Makes a beautiful dark cocoa. Intense cocoa flavor. If friends are interested in buying Dark Cocoa Powder, Tulip Brand, to make a Dalgona Cocoa menu, they can be bought at Bakery equipment stores, Makro, Tesco, Big C, and various supermarkets. Don’t forget to try making “Dalgona Cocoa”