How to make “Pizza Omelette” with Minced Pork”

Pizza Omelette with Minced Pork a great recipe for eggs. Today we have a
great pizza recipe, easy to make, find ingredients from the refrigerator at home with the menu “Pizza Omelette with Minced Pork” where we mix eggs with minced pork. And other ingredients, seasoned with European-style seasoning to get a real pizza-like taste, add another layer with greasy cheese served in thick slices I certify that I will be satisfied. Ready, put on your apron and pick up the eggs and go seasoning!

Ingredients “Pizza Omelette with Minced Pork”

  • 3 eggs 
  • 50 grams minced pork 
  • Sweet pepper, sliced ​​30 g 
  • 2 tablespoons pizza sauce 
  • 1⁄2 teaspoon salt 
  • 1⁄2 teaspoon pepper 
  • Mozzarella cheese, to taste 
  • McCormick paprika for garnish 
  • McCormick Oregano,  for garnish 

How to make “Pizza Omelette with Minced Pork”

STEP 1: prepare ingredients

  • Cut three colored sweet peppers into small pieces.
  • Crack an egg into a bowl, season with salt, pepper and pizza sauce, add minced pork and three colored bell peppers.
  • Beat all the ingredients together
  • Cut the sweet pepper prepared.
  • Beat the omelet ingredients together.

STEP 2: Make an omelet.

  • Heat a wok and add a little oil. When the pan is hot Add the prepared omelet ingredients.
  • Fry the omelet well on both sides. Then move the cooked omelet into the tray

STEP 3: Bake

  • Top with mozzarella cheese, followed by mccormick paprika and mccormick oregano.
  • Put in the oven, heat on 180 ° C, bake for 5 minutes and serve. 
  • You can sprinkle  McCormick Mick paprika and McCormick Oregano Mick added to taste.

Wow, just like any other pizza, right? What is indispensable is the flavor of our pizzas to be unbeatable, namely the McCormick, Paprika and McCormick oregano, the quality spice that people around the world trust. That we should have at home To add smell And flavor for other menus as well, such as pasta dishes, stir-fries, and cheese dishes.