Minced Pork Mama Fried Rice Exquisite menu, easy to make, delicious every day

You have to do it! Minced Pork Mama Fried Rice Delicious dishes are not boring. You can add other meats and add vegetables to your liking. You don’t need to add chili, fish sauce, and no more.

Minced Pork Mama Fried Rice

Eat fried rice is bored, eating Mama is bored. If mixed together into fried rice, Mama should be able to solve many meals boredom. Jarook.com offers you how to cook Minced Pork Mama Fried Rice Recipe from Mr. Panda-chan, Pantip.com member. Start with fried rice with eggs and minced pork. Then add the noodles are boiled down to just any food more meals here.

Ingredients of Minced Pork Mama Fried Rice

  • Minced garlic
  • Pork chop
  • egg
  • Steamed rice (we don’t put a lot If a lot, I think that it will not be intense.)
  • Instant noodles, favorite flavor (First time we tried Let’s stick to the original flavor of minced pork first.)
  • Chopped scallions

How to Cook Minced Pork Mama Fried Rice

     ► Heat the pan, add vegetable oil to it. Add minced garlic and fry until golden brown then add minced pork. Followed by the egg

► Add the rice and stir ufabet well.

► Followed by boiled instant noodles (Do not be blanched for a long time Wait, the noodles are sluggish) and then add the seasoning. As for the oil that came in the sachet, we already put it together with vegetable oil at first.

Wow three, go for instant noodles with minced pork fried rice. A single dish with a chic appearance, which can transform into fried rice, instant noodle, tom yum soup.