Food Trends We Believe Will Come in 2021

‘Food’ is actually a culture that reflects and tell the possibility of society and tell the lifestyle of people at a certain time as well (for example, in the reign of King Rama V, Thai people turned to eat curry instead of Samrab at home in order to have more time to work, etc.) Therefore, trends in eating always change, some variety, some new, some come back to the same place. but never stops 

1. Pretty food court, good restaurant, ok price

Department stores and shopping centers have gradually started to upgrade food courts in terms of quality, atmosphere, taste, and most importantly, the price is tangible since the middle of last year. And we believe that this will definitely continue this year to serve Thai users in this tourist-free situation.

for example Food court on the ground floor of Siam Paragon Upgraded from Paragon Food Hall to Gourmet Eats to look better, not only changing the decoration and combining famous restaurants from many districts Still comes at a shockingly ok price (60 per dish is also available). 

On the other side of the MahaNakhon building, King Power lifts the concept of Thai Taste Hub from Ban Rang Nam to open in Sathorn. Change all new stores with Chef Andy’s Pad Thai Fai Thaw and the first branch in Bangkok of the famous Patonggo shop from Buriram as the protagonist Aree area has a new open-air food court called Feast that combines street food to sit and eat in a shady atmosphere. And Samyan Mitrtown has K-Streat, a center for Korean restaurants.

The food court in the Central Food Hall of Central Chidlom, where the queue is so long that you have to queue, has just expanded the area. which we think will have to expand again 

2. The cocktail bar is serious about the food menu

At the beginning, it happened because they had to find a way to survive being closed because of the covid situation that made many famous cocktail bars to focus on food menu. But we think that a lot of bars are doing so well (even very well) that bar food is more than just a supporting factor. and should become another protagonist for a long time During the bar must be locked open like this

Bars that have started to sell food include Just A Drink Maybe, Playroom, Bar 335 that has turned into a cafe serving coffee and pastries, or Teen of Thailand that has turned to dumplings. Khanom Jeen Nam Ngeo and Laab Tod during this period

3. Alcohol brands sell non-alcoholic products

same with bar Since everyone can’t help but reduce their drinking. Whether for reasons such as epidemics, prohibitions or health concerns Alcohol brands have to offer new products. so that consumers do not feel separated from each other Plus, there are more options as well.

What we’ll see is like drinking water, ready-to-mix mixers. Or 0% alcohol may come in a bottle that looks like a regular alcoholic drink that is unique to each brand. So even after drinking it won’t taste familiar. But at least the outside is close to each other. that are seen, such as Chang’s natural mineral water that comes in a handy green bottle.

4. A sweet substitute that comes as an alternative to sugar

Our country has a ‘sugar tax’ that increases every two years. In September 2021, the tax will be revised again for the third time and will be effective until 2023. We currently pay sugar in machines. Drinking at 1-5 baht (per liter), but after September will increase approximately 2 baht per liter, making drinks mixed with sugar will definitely increase the price

This year, people are increasingly interested in substitutes for sweetness, such as stevia, which is the easiest to buy. Because in addition to providing hundreds of times more sweetness in the same amount as sugar. Several studies have also confirmed that it is healthier. But even then, there are disadvantages as well. The price is high and may cause you to eat and become addicted to sugar without knowing.

5. Indian food

Next to Korean, Japanese or Italian, we believe that the next national cuisine that people believe will turn their attention to is ‘Indian food’ is probably the nationality of food that everyone will begin to search for spicy flavors from spices. with more than naan or curry this year

Indian Restaurants in Bangkok has many interesting things, if we want to store a beginner Here the chef came Carrillo’s Aurora, the Haoma chef DK or Maya with Chef Uday Shankar as a chef. Our recommended restaurants serve modern Indian cuisine. Which is easy to reach and satisfy people who have never tried But if anyone wants to taste the original taste, we recommend Himali Cha Cha, an Indian restaurant that has been in Thailand since 1979.

6. Canale

Out of the brownies, donuts, cheesecakes and croissants, the next dessert we guess might be coming is Canele, a French dessert with a soft, custard-like interior. But the outer skin is crispy due to the high heat and long baking time. until the sugar and flour are caramelized. Becomes a dark brown outer shell.

Seeing this, it’s a dessert that takes time and a little skill. Because it takes a few days to get each piece, it’s now being sold in many cafes and bakeries like James Boulangerie, Entree Coffee&Brunch, Eric Kayser, Yellow Spoon Pastry, PAUL, Rosewood Hotel.

7. Clear Tea / Fermented Tea

It’s time to wave goodbye to sweet bubble tea. Because now more and more people will switch to drinking ‘Clear Tea’ because this year people will care more about their health (again) because they don’t want to get sick if it’s not necessary. Change your eating habits accordingly. You may be willing to cut back on snacks or desserts you know are not good. But even then, I believe that they will not intersect immediately. Clear or fermented teas are beneficial and less calorie, making them a viable alternative.