How to make scrambled eggs Bouncy Beef super soft

Scrambled eggs, Egg menu. It’s delicious to do anything. But if you eat the same thing often, you may get bored as well. So today I invite girls to try changing from fried eggs, boiled eggs, soft-boiled eggs to make steamed eggs and poached eggs. It is a menu of poached eggs with smooth texture and bouncy like Japanese poached eggs. It comes with assorted ingredients that go perfectly with poached eggs. Let’s try and see how to do it.

Scrambled eggs Ingredients

  • 4 fresh chicken eggs
  • 4 cups broth
  • ½ tbsp soy sauce
  • Crab sticks, boiled shrimp, seasoned minced pork
  • Chopped spring onions for topping

Let’s start by preparing the device first. Prepare to tear the crab sticks into strips, boil fresh shrimp. The secret to making bouncy shrimp is not difficult. Blanch the shrimp in boiling water. When cooked red, then immediately scoop the shrimp up and shock them in the cold water immediately. Shrimp meat will not be messy, more delicious. The minced pork is to be stirred in a pan, add soy sauce and a little pepper only. You can change it to any other type of meat you like, but it should be cooked beforehand. 

Use 4 eggs and break them into the bowl. Use a chopstick to lightly beat the eggs to avoid too many air bubbles. Unlike using a fork to beat an omelet, we want it to be fluffy when frying in a pan.

Add the cooled broth to the mix, pouring it gently from the rim of the bowl to minimize air bubbles and seasoning with soy sauce. But if the broth is already salty, you don’t need to add more. If you don’t have a broth made from chicken and pork bones at home, it’s easy to make by using bouillon cubes or seasonings for soup.

 Mix well and filter with a fine sieve before a round. Then pour it into a cup for steaming food. This recipe uses a 7 ounce cup of steamed food. You can make 8 cups. If anyone is interested in selling, try to calculate and make a profit.