Tips for choosing delicious orange Get juicy, sweet oranges

Let me tell you that at the beginning of the year, near Chinese New Year , this is the season of orange in our house. Because it will be the period when oranges have the most intense and delicious taste in the year and today ufabet Food has tips for buying sweet oranges. 

Get oranges that are delicious, sweet, juicy, good quality, not sour and not stinging. For anyone who has missed out on buying oranges and gets oranges that are puffed up, without water, they are not as tasty as chewing foam. Follow us to see good techniques as follows. I can tell you that next time you will only get sweet, juicy, sour, delicious oranges. You will definitely like it.

How to choose delicious oranges How to choose an orange to be sweet and juicy, like

Notice the outer surface or orange peel

1. Look around the ball, the orange skin must be smooth and firm.

2. Beautiful round oranges balls without dents or deformed

3. Oranges that are delicious should be oranges. smooth thin crust not too thick

4. Choose oranges that are heavy. Do not choose a child that is light. Because if it’s too light, it means that there is less water in the oranges, no flavor and pulp.

5. Try pressing the oranges ball lightly. Must feel tight , not too soft and swell.

6. At the bottom or navel of an orange (The non-polar side) must be firm, slightly dented. not too deep

7. At the bottom or navel of an orange (The non-polar side) must not be convex because if the navel is orange convex There is a high probability that the oranges will be bland and not tasty.

8. The oranges terminal must not fall off. and not convex Because if it is too convex, it means that the oranges are suffocating, that is, oranges have a fresh taste, less water, hard texture, no fragrance. or some may have a spoiled smell

9. Try pressing and see if the texture is firm. but flexible not loose

10. The color of oranges must be more orange than green. An unripe orange is an orange that is too green. will make the taste of oranges sour