"Healthy Drink", Excellent Disease Prevention!

“Healthy Drink”, Excellent Disease Prevention!

healthy drinks good health results in good health and can help keep the body away from various diseases as well. There are also a variety of healthy drinks. That can help prevent the occurrence of disease I want to know each other, right? What are the preventive drinks or healthy drinks? Let’s go

"Sourdough Bread" Homemade Recipe

“Sourdough Bread” Homemade Recipe

Sourdough Bread Homemade Recipe for classic sourdough bread which is a winner every time I bake it; and, it can be proved overnight in a cool place for early morning baking. ingredient 4 cups bread flour 1.5 cups of bread flour (for use when kneading

Ikea Meatball" - Easy Recipe Meatball at home

“Ikea Meatball” – Easy Recipe Meatball at home

It looks like an epidemic of COVID-19 Will create new trends for brands And companies around the world that have to adapt to the situation. Especially the hotel And restaurants that give away their famous menu meatball recipes for customers to cook at home during this period Recently, IKEA

How To Make "Dalgona Coffee", The Trending Korean Drink

How To Make “Dalgona Coffee”, The Trending Korean Drink

Dalgona Coffee tastes like a latte, soft and mellow. Which is a coffee menu with coffee foam on top of fresh milk Invented by Korea, adapted from Dalgona made from sugar and baking zota . The ingredients used are ingredients that every home must have in the cabinet already in the cabinet, such as

Thai Spicy Beef Curry

“Thai Spicy Beef Curry” Beef stew”, soft, chewy, delicious.

Thai Spicy Beef Curry, a central Thai food menu, spicy taste Another menu of authentic. Thai coconut milk curry that is worth trying. Fill the delicious with Thai eggplant and eggplant. Plus the meat is stale, big words, almost melting in the mouth as well scoop rice or rice noodles and wait. Thai Spicy Beef